Aleksander Schjerpen wins Class SP3 at the Dubai 24 Hours

Aleksander Schjerpen wins Class SP3 at the Dubai 24 Hours

Aleksander-Schjerpen---Dubai-24-Hours---Race-2On his debut at the 24 Hours of Dubai, Aleksander Schjerpen with teammates Anna Walewska, Nathan Freke and Tom Oliphant in the Century Motorsport Ginetta G55 GT4 have just won the SP3 class by a margin of over four laps.

The quartet of drivers quickly established themselves as a dream team line up, topping two of the four pre-event practice sessions before qualifying their G55 in second place on the SP3 grid for the race.

Aleksander started the race for the team and despite the traffic being at it’s worst at the start of the race, with almost 100 cars charging into the first corner, a cool and collected Schjerpen brought the car in safely for Anna Walewska to take over for her first stint.

From that point on, it was an almost faultless performance across the board, apart from a minor fuel tank issue early on. At the 18 hour mark, there was a minor drama when the brake pads failed prematurely, which necessitated a brake pad replacement that was quickly executed by the team, allowing them to rejoin the race.

Taking over from a superb performance by Nathan Freke, Aleksander complimented the work completed by the Century Team Principal during the penultimate stint before handing a six-lap lead over to Anna Walewska to take the car to the finish line.

Aleksander Schjerpen – #229 Century Motorsport Ginetta G55 GT4:
“What an amazing race! It’s been absolutely awesome. The team has done a great job, winning this thing is real teamwork, and we can finally show how strong we are. I am very proud to be a part of Century Motorsport and their 24H debut.”

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