Knutstorp – Another strong race

Knutstorp – Another strong race

ATS-Racing and Aleksander Schjerpen are having a great season this year, and at the last race at Ring Knutstorp they did yet another strong race and got a got result in the end.


“There is no questions about it, we are having one of the best racing seasons, and our strong pace are hard to match”

At Ring Knutstorp ATS-Racing where amongst the quickest the whole weekend, after the second test they where fastest on track, and Aleks did a strong qualifying lap putting their Ginetta G50 GT4 on pole in the GT4 class.

The race got underway, and Aleks had a good start, he held his 1st place. After about 20 mins, Aleks was passed by another Ginetta, and they fell down to 2nd, right before the pit-stop. After a good pit-stop, ATS-Racing held their second place, but then a safety car came out on track, after a fault by the safety car, Aleks lost a whole lap to the other drivers, and he now had 30 minutes to make miracles. He fought his way back up to 2nd place, and finished 2nd, after one of the hardest races this season for ATS-Racing.

-“We hoped to score our first win in the Swedish GT this weekend, so it is to bad about the safety car.. But we are thrilled about our strong pace, and looking foreword for the next, and final race at Mantorp Park!” – Aleks

Next up for ATS-Racing is a race at their hometrack at Vaalerbanen, before heading to Mantorp Park for the grand finale in the Swedish GT Championship!




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